Break it Down – Logic Ft. Jhene Aiko (Louis Futon Remix)

We arrived at the house at around 8pm and my friend from Colombia who I haven’t seen in a couple of years greets us at the doorstep. It’s been 26 hours since I last slept and we’ve been drinking for a while now, life is starting to feel surreal yet it at seems clear. We walk inside to a completely empty house. My friend says “follow me and don’t make any noise. The cops are being a bitch”. As I make my way through the living room I start to hear the faint vibrations of loud base that becomes crispy with every step I take. We get to a back door, my friend opens it: 300 party craved students completely packed in a fenced yard, an amateur college DJ standing in the epicenter of the crowd, an iPhone hooked up to an equalizer pad both resting on top of a huge speaker. Christmas lights everywhere, thick cigarette smoke and sweat. I make it to the speaker and take a peep at the iPhone ‘Break it Down (Louis Futon Remix)’ is playing and it hits me: underground college parties and house music, when put together, make a hell of night. Fuck EDM, this is the future of Frat life bitch. It might seem like an obvious epiphany to have but I’m telling you, if I learned something from my weekend at UPenn’s spring fling it’s that house is here and people dig it.

Now, the original by Logic is down-tempo rap song with great lyrical swag and overall great production. The vocals are gold waiting to be forged into a crown, a crown that Louis Futon took the burden to create. Logic’s piece features a snappy base line paired with some vocal effects and a little of turn and scratch, once again, pure yet raw gold. Louis Futon took this piece of raw gold and made it shine further. They added a dreamy yet clear synth line that has a nice reverb echo to it, they also added FUNK!!!! A pop n’ slap base line that carries the entire remix and the dancing of 300 college kids who were now bobbing their heads to it. This is without a doubt a deep house track fashioned with a funky style and finished with a topping of rap vocals. It’s a KILLER! It sounds like Disclosure and Kaytranada having a threesome with Skizzy Mars and I love it.

Check it out and love it too! Happy Wednesday.

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