Colleagues- Tears (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Here’s a pair of tracks icier than the wintry frosts of Sweden. Oliver Nelson decides to work with his Swedish countrymen, Colleagues, and remix their exciting electro/rock track, “Tears.” The original is absolutely epic. It starts with a simple off-rhythm synth line that sort of tricks you into thinking this will be a laid back ride on fluffy synth lines. But then the bass sneaks up on you at around 23 seconds. Once the funk in that bass picks up, the track never looks back. After a series of beautiful block chord changes, the track builds into a really progressive rhythmic guitar/synth combo which couples really well with the bass. This track sort of alternates between moments where the bass is highlighted and the groove of the track is shown and these powerful held synth chords that can really only be described as “epic.” The vocal is also, I think, really cool. It’s interesting and doesn’t try to hard to be “pretty.” I mean, the song is called “Tears” and the vocal really feels passionate, especially when blended with those harmonies that play on top of the lead. By the end of this song, it feels almost impossible to not jam out with the power of the synth and drum rhythms that drive to the end. Seriously, the beginning and the end of this track are on completely different planets and they’re both great. Oliver Nelson’s remix represents exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Swedish electro phenom. This remix, right from the beginning, uses a lot of Nu Disco elements. The top harmonies are isolated and allowed to mingle with a teasing staccato synth line and a light and poppy rhythm guitar. The more “jumpy” nature of this track, and the fact that the percussion is allowed to hit harder than the original, allow for the vocal to sort of take the lead a bit more, unlike the original where the vocal would often get drowned out by the power in the instrumentation. In fact, at points like 2:00, the vocal is allowed to stand all on its own. Don’t make the mistake, however, of thinking that this remix doesn’t have power. It’s got power to spare. Oliver Nelson just does it in a different way by focusing more on changing the texture of the original and allowing for more versatility. He mainly does this by taking the vocal out for periods of time and allowing the other melodic elements to build, this way when the vocal comes back, it feels way more powerful. Please give both tracks a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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