Kiesza- Hideaway (Mausi Remix)

I’m really excited about these two tracks. I always end up getting excited about an original/remix duo that are different enough from each other that they feel like two totally different songs. Kiesza, the deep house sensation coming out of Canada, creates an unbelievably compelling track here with “Hideaway.” What makes this track so much fun is the sheer range of texture it goes through. On the one hand you have Kiesza’s unbelievable lead vocal. Honestly, I could probably listen to that on it’s own and be happy. All of the sudden, once you think that this track is going to be a vocal-focused house track, in comes the bass elements, the bouncy bass line straight out of the “Deep-House How To Manual” and a surprisingly trappy snare beat. At any given moment, this track will incorporate any number of elements. I mean, it even has one of those (admittedly disgusting) techno pre-beat drop things that move up the scale with a drum beat at 3:30. Ultimately though, this track does a great job of keeping the listener on their toes with all of the different pieces it chooses to use. That makes Mausi’s remix all the more impressive. We previously reviewed Mausi’s remix of Clean Bandit’s “Dust Clears” and it’s remarkably similar in style to this one. This one makes it a point to play down the “deeper” elements of the original and play up the sexiness. First, the vocal was dropped down into a sexier lower register and a higher melody line was added. I should add, in case it wasn’t immediately obvious, that Mausi re-recorded the vocal, probably in order to jack up the R&B style. But the melodic elements of the original vocal are still there. There are also a number of other changes that were made. Rather than using the hard-hitting trap beat of the original, Mausi opt for a sexier click track and allow for the synth lines to drive the swung rhythm a bit more. This track is nowhere near as musically complex as the original, but that is by no means a bad thing. In fact, I think that it was the only way a remix of the Kiesza’s original could have gone, given the complexity of the original. Sometimes it’s way better to go simpler, and I think this remix is a great example of that. Not to mention that this one is immensely sexy. I mean seriously, what more do you want from a track than a gorgeous lead vocal, a smooth synth chord progression, and a simple click track? And oh by the way, make sure to listen to that sweet flute line (well it might just be a synth, but it sounds like a flute) that scampers in and out of the track at the most opportune moments. This remix is playful and and exciting and I really really love it. I hope you guys agree after listening to both the original and the remix in the links below! Please comment with your thoughts!

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