Ta-ku — Higher (Flume Remix)

We aren’t exactly shy about how much we like Flume here on CasaSwoop. I think this is the 4th or 5th post we’ve made where he was the original and or remix artist. But that should say something about both his own talent and the songs he chooses to work with. We have yet another great example here with his fantastic remix of Ta-ku’s “Higher.” Granted, Ta-ku’s original is really more of a beat track. At only 2 minutes long, I don’t think this one’s meant to be a stand alone track. That being said, the beat and flow are incredible, which is why Flume is able to do so much with his remix. Oh by the way, both of these guys are Australian, yet again. Seriously, I’m starting to wonder how many of these artists that we’ve reviewed so far actually are Australian. It has to be somewhere around 30-40%. I should also mention that Flume is on one of my personal favorite labels: Future Classic. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. Back to the music. The most interesting elements of Ta-ku’s original are the progressive rhythmic changes and the really down and dirty bass synth line. Ta-ku likes to keep you guessing by periodically dropping out the beat and allowing the unusual rhythm in the upper synth to take control for a while. The “womp-womp” bass (nice name I know) is a really nice touch. It adds a lot of texture in the volume of the track; it almost feels like it’s breathing somehow. Sadly, this track is so short and simple, there really isn’t much more to say. However, there’s quite a bit to say about Flume’s remix. Right away you’re struck with that signature “in your face” style that Flume loves so much. The beat always feels like it’s about to jump off and slap you. I really really like the vocal sample that Flume chooses to use here. It’s a really rhythmic line that actually feels more like an instrument than a vocal because it never really comes to the front, it just sort of embeds into the whole structure of the track. This track is also much more “hip-hoppy” than the original. It has a sort of playground feel to it between the hard hitting snare, poppy synth chords, and muffled vocal lines. This track makes me want to dance, personally, and it should probably have a similar effect on you. If it doesn’t…. well…. I dunno you should probably go listen to some Pitbull or something. Anyway, listen to both of the tracks below and please comment with your thoughts and ideas! We’d love to hear them!

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