Phantogram – Fall In Love (Nebbra Remix)

This one is a little shiny gem that glitters above all the tainted and not so shiny objects in the world of jewels that is Phantogram’s track, ‘Fall In Love’. Paris based Nebbra does an amazing job, perhaps one of the recent best I’ve heard in a while, with his sampling dexterity. First off, the vocals in his remix are managed to resurrect the ever-hated high pitch sampling technique, despised by many producers to due to its almost incontrollable nature of tending to sound like Alvin and the chipmunks. Anyhow, Nebbra does not fall in this horrid trap, but rather fully exploits the power of the original vocals to bring a full breakdown of the piece when he applies this sampling method. Minute 1 hits the spot: multi-layered synth work and undertone cymbals make a perfect combination to get that trappy feel going. On one hand we have a slightly crunchy and ‘deep’ textured synth that hits on the upbeats. Next, we have the neat base line that accompanied the above-mentioned synth on every note, adding power to the whole chorus. An amazing thing about this track is that (and thank god for this) the high energy and power of the song is not derived and dependent on the base, and it gives me the shivers GODDAM! This is truly an exquisite plot twist on your everyday trap infused house pieces that the blogosphere every other day. Then to tie it all together is the vocal sampling, so gleaming, so energetic, ahhhh, I’ve said enough. GO LISTEN. HAPPY MONDAY HUMANITY!

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