50 Cent – In Da Club (Woodys Produce Remix – 2005)

50 Cent’s all time classic ‘In Da Club’ is back, and this remixed by the one and only Woodys Produce it is here to stay for good. Its not birthday, but GOGDAMN I couldn’t have asked for a better present on this glorious Tuesday afternoon. This track is smooth as silk, and I’m talking like about the really silky shit. If you thought your 800 thread Egyptian thread sheets are good, you need to re-evaluate your life and check this out now! To add more madness to the greatness surrounding this track is the fact that Woodys Produce remixed it back in 2005! THAT’S RIGHT, TWO THAUSAND AND FIVE. BOOM, mind-blown. I don’t even know what to think except for the vision that ‘mad-talent woody’ (as I will refer to him from now on) had back in the day. The piece is complete with sparkling samples that allure to diamonds falling from the sky. The beat is crisp with a clapping sequence on every other up-beat tone, and the background is gracefully accompanied with some playful synth sampling that for some reason goes well with the rap lyrics, reminding me of something like Chiddy Bang. IM SO HAPPY THIS WAS DUG UP from the last decade, cus im loving it! No need to talk about the original, we all know it. HAVE FUN!

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