Ryan Hemsworth and Wave Racer Remix Exchange

So this is without question the most unconventional post we’ve written on CasaSwoop so far, but who says we have to stick to a rigid system? I mean, really who says that our posts always have to follow the same format? Well, we say that, but then again rules are made to be broken, even if those rules are self-imposed rules. Which seems counterproductive. Regardless, the reason why I’ve decided to make such an unconventional post is because these two artists recently had a bit of fun remixing each other’s tracks and sweet lord the music these two made is fantastic. First, Ryan Hemsworth took it upon himself to remix Wave Racer’s “Streamers,” an exciting electropop trappy dance track. A little over a month later, Wave Racer responds with a playful, yet inspired, remix of Hemsworth’s “Ryan Must Be Destroyed” off his album Guilt Trips. It’s collaborations like these that I get really excited about. When two artists who are fans of each other’s work have a musical exchange, they both incorporate each other’s styles, while also trying to keep their own voice clear. And we just get to sit back and enjoy.

I’m going to start with Wave Racer’s remix of “Ryan Must Be Destroyed.” Of the two remixes, this one is the more risky in terms of changes made to the original and changing up the style. Ryan Hemsworth’s original is a brooding, thumping track that uses a lot of reverb in the bass line to give the track a vibrating feel. That feeling makes the track somewhat… unsettling. Even in the beginning, you have a few out of tune piano chords and when the xylophone/synth elements come in, they’re not quite tuned right and just a bit off rhythm. This isn’t a mistake, I don’t think. The track is meant to feel uncomfortable and dark, as the title “Ryan Must Be Destroyed” would suggest. There are a few aspects of the track, however, that would try and tell a different story. There is a bright synth melody that runs an escalating arpeggio for most of the track. It feels dreamy and light, somewhat contrasting the vibrating bass line that starts out the track. To be honest, Wave Racer’s remix is nothing like the original. It uses the same general musical elements, sure, but the entire feel of the track is strikingly different. First, I should point out that Wave Racer decided to sample Yoshi’s jumping cry from the Mario series. Second, he adds his distinct dance-trap beat to the track, which instantly changes the entire mood of Hemsworth’s original. Oddly enough, the “dreaminess” of the original is still there. There are still escalating arpeggios in the synth and the “trappiness” of the beat is really only a beefed up version of some of the elements from the original. Yet, Wave Racer makes us believe that it’s almost an entirely new track.

Wave Racer’s “Streamers” is exactly the type of track you’d get if you could bottle Wave Racer’s “essence” in a single track. It’s got all of the elements that we have come to love from the Australian (surprise, surprise) producer. It has an almost jazz flute-like melody line that is often crossed over by a really poppy upper synth chord progression. That classic trappiness we always feel in his tracks is still here in this one with a nice clap track that gives the beat a lot of pop. This track hits really hard. It’s practically epic with all the crash cymbals and the quick fire melody lines. It feels like there’s so much going on it’s almost almost hard to follow. But once you stop trying to follow along and just enjoy the music, you realize that it all comes together really nicely. Not to mention that the track simply has a natural flow to it, despite all of the craziness. Ryan Hemsworth’s remix, true to his style, is more pensive track. Instantly, you recognize that he’s slowed the track down considerably and allowed the melodic elements to hold out longer. Eventually, in the spirit of engaging meaningfully with the original track, Hemsworth adds a similar fast paced synth to his remix, but keeps it somewhat muffled and embedded within the beat, rather than out in the front like Wave Racer’s original. The track feels smoother and more laid-back than the original. It’s a gorgeous remix, as is the previous one, and I have to say that, in my opinion, both of the remixes are better than the originals. All four tracks are incredible, but in my opinion both of the remixes take bigger risks with regard to completely altering the style of the original and that makes for a really exciting couple of tracks. That being said, none of it would have been possible if these artists hadn’t decided to collaborate on these tracks and I’m so so glad they did. Listen to the tracks below and please comment with your thoughts!

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