Karin Park- Shine (Nebbra Remix)

I heard Nebbra’s remix of Karin Park’s “Shine” earlier this morning on my SoundCloud stream and instantly reminded myself to check back and write a review on it, a bit of a mental note, if you will. Then, Nebbra himself emailed us the track, which meant I absolutely had to take a listen, and I’m very glad I did. We’ve enjoyed Nebbra’s work quite a bit here at CasaSwoop as our recent review of his “Phantogram” remix would suggest. The Paris-based DJ is showing us that his city sounds damn good at night with this sumptuous slice of deep house infused electropop that was released earlier today. Before I dive off and go into my zone, I’m gonna quickly pass through Karin Park’s original and lay down the basic groundwork that Nebbra works with on this remix. The basics are there in Karin Park’s original. It just doesn’t really “click.” Perhaps intentionally, Karin Park uses dissonance in a lot of higher melodic elements, which should unsettle you a bit. The best part of this track, hands down, is when it asserts itself a bit more and the bass elements come through a bit more. Sadly, the track is too vocal focused to allow the perhaps more interesting instrumental elements come to the front in a blended way. This is exactly what Nebbra does in his remix. Seriously, when you listen to these tracks next to each other, the remix just has more. I honestly don’t know how else I can explain it. It’s this quality that this track shares with many of Nebbra’s other works, they’re all very confident in their sound. The best moments of this track are when the vocal is sampled and embedded into the beat, rather than forced to stand at the front where it’s too exposed. When you listen to the remix, it’s almost like Nebbra’s playing with you, because at times, moments really, you feel like you might even be listening to the original. But then, the bass elements burst through and take over the track. The word that comes to my mind when these bouncy synth chords drop in is “glossy.” I have no clue why, but that’s it, they’re glossy chords. They’re just perfectly blended, while also adding the track’s surprisingly simple 4/4 drum beat. A common deep house trick, but applied a bit differently in this track. Somehow, it really isn’t all that complicated, nothing compared to the craziness that was in the original. Nebbra just takes the interesting parts of the original and manipulates them so that they blend together differently, and better, than they did in the original. He doesn’t re-imagine the track, he simply added his own personal sound to the elements that already exist. Hence, that unique sound. Personally, this track got me very excited and I’m certainly looking forward to more of Nebbra’s work, and more from French producers as well. Please listen to the two tracks below, and I’m also going to throw in Nebbra’s remix of Novo Amor’s “From Gold.” Easily one of my favorite tracks of the last month. As always, comment and tell us your thoughts!

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