Karma Kid- Like I’m On Fire (Kartell Remix)

Karma Kid’s original “Like I’m On Fire” is a sumptuously sexy track. “Lush” is the word that comes to mind. The English DJ produces a track that definitely takes a few cues from modern deep house, but he tries to incorporate more melodic elements than your standard Berlin-based deep house. The synth is really the first thing that stands out. At least in the beginning, the synth is a bit poppy and up tempo. The entire track has an “underwater” feel to it, odd considering that the vocal tells you many times that he “feels like he’s on fire.” The reason for that underwater feel is a considerable amount of muffle production on the melodic elements and a lot of drawn out bass “womps.” It makes the track feel fluid and sexy. Another element that I appreciate, if only for its simplicity, is the occasional light xylophone-esque lines that come in and out to brighten up the track. Sometimes you can get sort of lost in the production and the little additions really go a long way in terms of changing the mood of the track. For the last 30 seconds or so, the track goes into a nice breakdown and the synth chords are allowed to stand alone a bit more, rather than being layered over the bass. It’s almost like Kartell’s remix is a continuation of these final moments in the Karma Kid’s original. Right from the beginning, starting with those full chords (which almost sound like a light organ), you know that this track is definitely taking a different focus than the original. It’s more thoughtful, understated, and subtle. The chord progression of the synth in the original is maintained, but Kartell makes a bit more crisp by taking off much of the “muffled” effect of the original. You get into the groove of this track when the synth and the bass drum are allowed to vibe together for a while. With this track, you get the sense that Kartell is building throughout the entire track. Slowly, he begins to add and subtract elements, just to keep you from getting complacent. The first two minutes of the song are deep and smooth, particularly when the synth and bass I mentioned earlier start to grow together. Then, all of the sudden at 2 minutes, you’re taken off course by a much crisper cymbal-focused drum beat and a cleaned up synth line that almost “pops” a bit more. All of this leads up to a moment which I, personally, really enjoy in this track. At 3 minutes, the track brightens up even more, and a futuristic production is added to the synth melody. It’s a bit “mario kart-y” which I hope is an analogy that makes sense to at least some of you. Once you get start to recognize where the track is going, it cuts out (I like to think it takes a breath) and simply falls into a smooth and decadent sound, which reminds you slightly of the smoothness of the beginning of the track. I really enjoyed this remix from Paris-based producer, Kartell. Listen to them both below and please comment with your thoughts and ideas!

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