Little Dragon- Klapp Klapp (Nosaj Thing Remix Feat. Future)

So here we have Nosaj Thing remixing Little Dragon’s experimental piece “Klapp Klapp.” Oddly enough, in my opinion, Nosaj Thing’s remix sounds more like how the original should sound, but that’s a really arbitrary thing to say so I’m going to elaborate (obviously). Looking at Little Dragon’s original, we’re sort of struck with how unsettling the track is supposed to feel. It changes depth quite a bit even in the first 30 seconds. You’re stuck between this very jarring snare beat that stays relatively constant throughout and this bass line that has a lot of effect on it and feels deeply embedded into the track. The bass actually starts out as a stand up “jazz” style bass in the beginning that transitions into this gritty electro style. The melodic elements, while objectively beautiful, sort of stand at odds with these other elements in that the track feels disjointed. They aren’t really incorporated until the vocal also gets a bit more melodic a little before the 1 minute mark. Now, the vocal is where this song feels weird. It’s almost an R&B vocal from Yukimi Nagano that feels almost whispered, but is brought to the front of the track.  What the Swedish band do here is constantly add more and more elements to make the sound bigger and bigger. Eventually, by the end it’s just a perfect blend of sounds that shouldn’t work but do end up working. Now, let’s look to Nosaj Thing’s remix, which features rapper Future for a great verse. Given the R&B nature of vocal, Nosaj Thing decides to really bring home that style. The remix is smoother than the original, the synth elements are blended better with the beat, which maintains the original’s simplicity, but is replaced by a clap track, which also adds to the R&B sound. Oddly enough, I think that the L.A. producer’s remix actually makes more sense than the original given that the hip-hop/R&B elements work so damn well with the original vocal. But don’t take my word for it! Listen to the tracks below and please comment with your thoughts! I’m also going to add Little Dragon performing “Klapp Klapp” live, because that was eye-opening for me in terms of getting to know what their sound is.

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