AlunaGeorge- Superstar (Cosmo’s Midnight x Lido Remix)

Honestly, I’m a little embarrased by how long it’s been since we’ve made a post. I can only imagine how upset you guys must be. Right? Like, seriously, you must be fucking livid with how lax we’ve been with something that we love doing so so so very much. But hey, we had finals and shit last week, so cut us some slack. Regardless, I’ll make it up to you with one of my favorite tracks of the last couple weeks, and no surprise it comes from (at least partially) Cosmo’s Midnight. The twins from Australia team up with Lido to create this sumptuous remix of AlunaGeorge’s exciting original “Superstar.” The original is reminiscent of Miike Snow or Passion Pit. It’s got that choppy, processed feel of early electro pop (early being like 2008). I really love AlunaGeorge’s flow and how her vocals always feel like she’s just whispering into your ear. This is a minimalist track in that it really never tries to incorporate too many elemnts. In the “meat” of the track (around 1:20), you really only get a subtle textured bass line and an upper register synth line that isn’t very pronounced and really just doubles the vocal line. This track relies on Aluna’s vocal being the focus and allows for the other musical elements to be more supporting rather than take any of the focus themselves. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it gives the song a lot of texture. Cosmo’s Midnight and Lido’s remix is a really refreshing take on the original. Right off the bat, we see that the vocal is still going to be very well respected. We get some great sustained synth chords that support a gorgeous octaved production of the vocal. This develops into a style of remix that I think only Cosmo’s Midnight (and in this case Lido, too) are capable of pulling off. What I love the most about this remix is that it plays off of silence. It’s really common to have the track completely cut out on the 2 and 4 beats of every measure. It’s not too busy and that allows for the natural beauty of the vocal and the really well produced synth lines to come to the front instead of getting bogged down by too much beat or bass. And oh by the way, it ends with a fantastic jazzy piano line, which I just fell in love with. Anyways, I love these two tracks and I hope you guys end up loving them too! Please comment below with your comments or thoughts!

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