Montmartre – Inside of Me (Robotaki Remix)

If it were thanksgiving today, I’d probably say I’m thankful for this track by the Parisian duo Montmartre and its subsequent remix by Montreal based producer Robotaki. The name of the track: ‘Inside of Me’, how I feel about it: absolutely genius! This piece is an all-star indie song that makes summer have a purpose. The lyrics are splendid, playful, and if you give them a good listen, fucking profound. I just love it when I find a sweet song like this that reminds me of the good old indie days. Guitar riffs, upbeat drum line, slightly crunchy base and killer vocals to close the deal. Now, if the original makes me sweat confetti, Robokati’s remix makes me cry gold nuggets. Yeah, that’s how painfully good it is. We have a remix that brings that funky vibe back, yet it manages to keep keystone elements of the indie-sounding original. The base line is transformed to hype up the FUN in Funk, and the elements of electronic glitter, make this remix a sparkling winner of this week’s new releases, which honestly, have been quite a lot and rather amazing. Big shout out to these guys for bringing smiles across the blogosphere!

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