Chi Duly: Guest mix for Wacks Records

Wacks Records, a new Deep House record label based out of L.A. and N.Y., gave us the unique opportunity to get a preview of their newest guest mix by Chi Duly, the deep house producer out of New York. He follows up his Balloons of Haus album with this new 22 track mix, and ooo boy are we glad he did. The mix (which is a standard 58 minutes long) is a deep house roller coaster that dances between different styles. Just to give you an idea, in the span of his mix, he goes from remixes of Logic to Kakkmaddafakka to Tchami to London Grammar. All of these different styles get put through this deep house lens and are in a sort of dialogue with each other. The entire mix really does a good job of incorporating “known” remixes (like Sasha’s remix of London Grammar’s “Hey Now”) with his own remixes like his very well done remix of Logic’s “We Get High.” That’s the sign of a good mix, when the tracks work well with each other, keeping the listener interested with some known tracks and then hitting them with one of your own movements. Obviously, with a 58 minute mix, it’s sort of tough to pinpoint the best individual moments, it’s more about transitions from track to track and the tone of the mix as a whole. In this sense, Chi Duly’s mix really tries to stay true to Deep House “core” elements by focusing on strong and bouncing bass lines and minimalist melodies. However, there are a few moments when he’ll incorporate a great vocal at an unexpected moment. I think that this mix is really indicative of the movements happening now in deep house around the U.S. in particular. I probably couldn’t say it better than Chi Duly himself when he said, “theres only so much time left until puts out a deep house pop album and destroys everything.” Please give the mix a listen below and be sure to check out Chi Duly and Wacks Records ASAP!!!

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