Alice Russell- Hurry On Now (French Kiwi Juice Remix)

Aw damn. Aw sweet sweet damn. What more could I say about French Kiwi Juice’s remixes (perhaps more popularly known as FKJ, but I love his original name) that hasn’t already been said about enjoying a whiskey sour in your favorite bar with your best friends, or sitting under the stars on a beautiful night. For the sake of not sounding like too much of a fanboy, suffice it to say that I really appreciate the music that this Paris-based producer has put out recently. His remix of Alice Russell’s delicious R&B/Blues track “Hurry On Now” is a goddam revelation. Let me be just a bit more specific. I enjoyed the remix when I first heard it. It was great, but nothing special. Then I heard the original and I understood where FKJ was coming from when he remixed it. Th original is a soul track that starts with a really nice horn riff that stays in the front for much of the song. The feel of the original really tries to drive home the feeling of a “speak-easy.” And it works. You get a soulful guitar line, the occasional sax riff, and of course that lightly played piano that seems to tease you with it’s subtle entrances and exits. But the real star of this track is the vocal. Alice Russell’s voice is mature and pleading, with enough soul to get the most uptight of sticks to feel something. FKJ’s remix doesn’t revolutionize the original. The beginning is soft and sweet, with the background “gospel” chorus supporting Alice’s fantastic vocal right from the beginning. I really like that change because it shows us that the real focus of the track will be the impeccable vocal. FKJ himself even said that he fell in love with the a cappella version of the track. But don’t get me wrong, he puts his signature style on it. The choral element that starts the track out is actually maintained through the synth. It doesn’t do much, comprised mostly of sustained chords that sound like a chorus. The bass and beat elements are understated and subtle, not overpowering the vocal. The beat hits on the 2 and 4 with a mildly complex cymbal construction. The bass is fantastic, but it stays embedded in the track, so you really need to listen for it. It’s a surprisingly funky bass that matches well with the simply picked guitar lines that flow in and out of the track. Overall, I absolutely love both of these and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do. Please let us know in the comments below!

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