Cœur de Pirate – Wicked Games (Daniele Di Martino Remix)

Last time we reviewed a remix of The Weekend it was for their well known single ‘Wicked Games’ a song that in my opinion could be left on repeat without driving you crazy after 250 times of listening to it. Now, The Weekend is coming back in full power with the release of the single ‘Often’, and although Often caught our radar this past week, it is my duty as an indie remix blogger to review the mind-blowing craft that is producing a remix of a cover of an original. Yes, you read that right, someone woke up not long ago and was all like “you know what, fuck it! I want do a remix of Coeur de Pirate’s cover of The Weekend’s Wicked Games.” And you know what, I’m really happy that it was Berlin-based Daniele Di Martino who decided to pursue this dream.

Warning: Di Martino’s remix is not a summer tune. I repeat, NOT a summer tune. It is however a poetic take of the Original’s self-destructing and emotionally charged original. Di Martino revitalizes the melody by taking away the heaviness of the original. He gets rid of the strong percussion and melancholically chromatic synth-work that makes The Weekend’s original such a dense song. Secondly, the emphasis on the vocals completely changes. By having a female vocalist the entire concept of the song itself is transformed. It might not seem like it, but the fact that the original is almost entirely composed on a falsetto, by taking the vocal sample from a female vocalist the energy of the piece adopts a more mystical and optimistic character without losing the soberness and seriousness of the original.

Furthermore, Di Martino plugs in a high-hat on the upbeat countering the downbeat of the main chord progression, here fully instrumented by a classical grand piano. The base is fluid, almost liquid and its omniscient presence throughout the song ties the remix together, covering it with darkness like a thick cloud of smoke upon a glowing city that constantly reminds people of their inevitable fates.

All in all the remix is amazing. It’s perhaps one the simplest yet most complex and compelling pieces I’ve heard in a couple of years, and that’s a hell of a statement.


“Bring the drugs baby, I can bring my pain”

“Bring your body baby, I can you bring you fame”


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