ZHU – Faded (Baile Remix)

Summer is not only about beach volleyball, rooftop pool parties, world cup drinking marathons, and hashtags. Summer is also a time of exploration and self-assessment when we all get an opportunity to take a step back and think of where we are in our life. Granted, there are a lot of hot music festivals out there at the moment, yet few of them manage to capture a wholesome feeling of what summer truly is. Lacking in real order and routine, this time of the year brings back old emotions and perhaps new ambitions. Our limits reduced by a plethora of possibilities. In such a way, summer is complex and chaotic: sometimes beautiful, other times frustrating. Our beloved ZHU has done justice to this testament of summer with the release of their new single ‘Faded’, which interestingly enough has been blowing up as one of the most remixed tracks in the past few days (exiting news for us here at CasaSwoop). Per usual, some of the mixes miss the target completely, turning the piece into some Gaga-Beiber two backed beast. Others however like Brooklyn-based Baile (whoah alliteration) elevated the song to a whole next level.

Baile’s remix of Faded is gorgeous, it’s full of lust and temptation, but its also full of angst that by the time the track ends is transformed into hopefulness. First off, the remix completely tears down the original’s instrumentation only to build it back up. Beginning with the percussion, Baile gets rid of the eight beat high-hat and deep-base sequence in the original and replaces it with a intricate and organic percussion line. A deep kick-drum opens the track hitting on the first beat and upbeat. Right by its side we have the organic and wood sounding clashing of fresh drumsticks accompanying the base drum. A CLAP! All three elements start to form a compounded trap-like, yet deep sounding atmosphere. It’s hard to keep up with such an opening, but there’s more to follow. Next up, Baile gives a big no-no to the galactic synth line in the original and plugs in a harp line. Yes, A FUCKING HARP. I mean why the fuck not? Like the angels from heaven, this track descends upon us with a glowing aura. Like I said it’s beautiful, you can imagine the taste of honey and milk like the voice of an angel, but what is she saying…

”Faded…Faded… Faded

all I wanna do

all I wanna do is drive home to you”

As we are entering heaven by the end of the 1-minute mark, Baile unleashes his fury. A heavy synth line drops along with it’s melodic counterpart. My brain explodes. I pull over, stop the car, and have a cigarette. My summer has now truly begun.

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