Interview Exclusive: Cosmo’s Midnight

Hey everyone! We’re excited to announce the first installment of our Interview Series, which we hope to continue with artists from around the world that we’ve reviewed here on CasaSwoop. The goal is to provide you with the most in depth connection to these tracks as possible. We believe that hearing the artist’s own voice in a track and seeing how they develop their work is always a useful exercise. So, without seeming too excited, we start with Cosmo’s Midnight.

We draw our influences from literally every corner of music, no musical stone gets left unturned. I think getting tunnel visioned and obsessive regarding genres can detrimental to the uniqueness and artistic quality of music.


It is no secret that we are big fans of the music Cosmo’s Midnight [CM] create. We’ve reviewed 3 of their remixes so far, and there are probably another 10 I’ve thought about reviewing personally, and I still listen to today. We’ve reviewed their remix of Flume‘s “Sleepless,” Panama‘s “Destroyer,” and most recently their collaborated remix with Lido of AlunaGeorge‘s “Supestar.” But don’t think that these guys only do remixes. The twin brothers out of Sydney are signed with Astral People and get quite a lot of room to create interesting and distinct music. While their remixes have garnered more attention than their original tracks, take a chance to listen to “Surge” and “Phantasm,” both released quite a while ago. They’re thoughtful, pensive tracks that are well built despite perhaps not having the crispness of the remixes CM have developed over the last year. So, now that I feel I’ve properly framed the context, let’s dive in.

CS:When did you guys know that you wanted to make music for a living? Did you both listen to the same style of music growing up or did you have any differences in taste?

CM: We never intended to make music for a living, so everything we’ve gotten over the past year has been totally surreal. Can’t wait to get my final semester of uni behind me so I can properly commit to music 100 percent. We pretty much followed the musical taste of our older brother for our entire lives, but at some point we sorta just moved into this kind of music and it stuck.

CS: At what point in your careers did you realize that this could grow to where it is today? What was that process like?

CM: We’ve been independent for pretty much our entire musical career apart from our debut EP which dropped on indie label Yes Please. We totally never expected for it to come this far, but this sound we’re pushing alongside our Astral People mates Wave Racer and Basenji somehow caught on and it’s so awesome to be part of this new wave of music coming out of Australia.

CS: What are you contemporary inspirations for your music? Who has influenced your sound the most in your musical development?

CM: We draw our influences from literally every corner of music, no musical stone gets left unturned. I think getting tunnel visioned and obsessive regarding genres can detrimental to the uniqueness and artistic quality of music. Although we do look up to Hudmo and Rustie as pioneers of the sound we hear today. Special shoutouts to 813 for being a huge talent whose songwriting skills inspired pretty much everyone we know to push our sounds in interesting ways.

CS: Cosmo’s Midnight has a very “unique” sound. We can usually identify one of your tracks right away. How did you guys develop this sound? At what point did you guys realize that you were producing something different?

CM: This is awesome to hear. I guess we never really consciously developed our own sound, it just naturally happened over years of producing. It’s a conglomeration of all the music we love and lots of hard work in trying to push yourself technically and artistically.

CS: So far, your remixes have been (for the most part) more popular than your originals. Since we tend to focus on remixes, we’re particularly interested in how you guys identify an original that you think would be good for a remix. What do you listen for when looking at an original. Basically, just give us a rundown of your process.

CM: We haven’t put out an original in quite a while, but remixes are definitely awesome. I find they are generally easier to write because there are so many things you can dip into for inspiration. While coming up with original material can be a hard sometimes because you have to pluck new material out the air. I pretty much only accept remixes that I really vibe on, otherwise I won’t be able to do the original material justice. When looking at a track to remix I usually latch on to one thing I really like about the original and expand on it. Then i can dip into different parts of the stems for inspiration.

CS: We know you love collaborations, for instance your recent remix of AlunaGeorge’s “Superstar” with Lido, what does collaboration add to your process? Is it more of a divide and conquer strategy or do you produce the entire track together?

CM: First off Lido is a total champ. We’ve pretty much never collaborated before so this was a new experience for us. He was in Sydney earlier this year, and flew up to Syd for a day to write a track with us. We smashed out the core of the track in 7 hours, Lido is an amazing songwriter and can just pull chord progressions out of thin air. Plus we were on the exact same vibe so it was heaps natural. I just finished it off over the next month and hit him up with final versions on twitter for his opinion. We’re actually collabing with Wave Racer right now and it’s heaps fun, cos we pretty much vibe on all the same stuff.

CS: What has been the most exciting experience of your music careers so far? Tell us a story.

CM: This might be a bit lame, but we’d never been on a plane before, so the fact that our first trip on a plane ever was because we were playing our music to fans around Australia was just a super gratifying experience. Also just meeting so many artists we look up to, everyone is just awesome really.

CS: At what point will you guys feel like you’ve “made it”? What are your goals? Is it just about the music?

CM: I feel like getting a proper EP or LP that encompasses your sound perfectly is what everyone should aim for. I definitely feel that once you start touring internationally that’s a sign you’ve ‘made it’. It’s heaps cool if your music exposes as many people as possible to other good music, that’s mission accomplished i guess.

CS: What are you guys listening to right now? What artists are getting you guys excited?

CM: We listen to heaps of different music but right now we listen to variety of genres from jungle to house, beats, ballads and bass music including; machinedrum, stray, om unit, Exit Records and Ninja Tune stuff, Matrixxman, Rustie, Slick Shoota, Mr Carmack, Evil Needle, Night Slugs Stuff, Fade to Mind stuff, Dj Rashad, PC Music, Bo en, Lindsay Lowend, MAXO… the list is actual endless you’d just have to check out our itunes.

CS:Do you have any plans for a U.S. tour any time soon? If so, would you come to Chicago? (side note: please do this, we would love it)

CM: As soon as we can settle on a US booking agent, there have been a few offers but we’re waiting to put out new material and generate some more hype before we start heading around the world.  Anyway we’ll see how we go, we’re just writing a lot of music right now but stay tuned because coming to U.S in the nearish future is defs a possibility.

Just a HUGE thank you to Cosmo’s Midnight for working with us on this. I’m gonna drop a few key tracks down below so you can vibe to some of their stuff while your read their responses. Please let us know what you think and we hope to see you in our next installment of our Interview Series!

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