Lemaitre- High Tide (Oliver Nelson and Tobtok Remix)

Ooo I’m excited to share this one with our most dedicated readership. First off, I wanted to thank everyone for helping us reach 100 posts and all of the support we’ve gotten here on CasaSwoop. That’s as sappy as this review will get. These three artists, Lemaitre, Oliver Nelson, and Tobtok are well established producers and these tracks are a testament to their abilities. In general, we’re seeing a lot of collaborations over the summer, makes sense since everyone’s just generally happier in the summer. This collab between Swedish based producers Oliver Nelson and Tobtok is a fucking godsend. Seriously, I saw it posted on SoundCloud a week ago and I couldn’t press play fast enough; that’s how confident I was that it would be a banging track. I was most definitely not wrong (obviously, I mean I listen to music for a living practically). Let’s start with Lemaitre’s original, which is also a very strong track. Right off the bat, you understand that this track from the Norweigan indie duo is going to be epic. You get a great upper-register wah-wah guitar and a number of strong block chords, comprised of trumpets and piano. That piano element stays strong throughout the track, it almost feels like a jam band type of piano, just a great touch. The beat is unexpected, and follows in this sort of jam band, quasi-jazz, style. You get a swung half time rhythm that coincides with the swung rhythm in the piano. The track really builds well. Starting from the minimalist block chords and developing into a sort of frantic jam, the elements of which become difficult to parse out. The transition point of this track comes a little after the 1:30 mark, when the drum beat all of the sudden goes into double time, in a sort of aha moment where everything comes together. The vocal line is really strong as well. It’s not a standard lead vocal, in that it doesn’t take the focus, that goes to the piano, and rightfully so. Then, in a refreshingly surprising twist at around 2:45, the track breaks down and you get to listen to just the piano and the vocal. There’s a lot here for Oliver Nelson and Tobtok to play with, but they don’t really do what you would expect. They slow the track down considerably and “sexy” it up by muffling the piano and adding a nice vocal sample that ebbs and flows through the track in a sort of circular rhythm. Surprisingly, they choose to pull back that incredible piano from the original and focus more on developing a synth-based melody. The real difference in this remix is the bass line that doesn’t really find a place in the original, but will occasionally pop to the front with a lot of funky style. It’s tough to put your finger on why this remix works so well, but I think it comes to down to the fact that it knows how to play with the vocal to move it from that powerful, epic feel towards something a bit more laid-back and blues-y. I for one, really appreciate it. Listen to both tracks below and please comment with your thoughts and suggestions!

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