Sia- Chandelier (Chloe Martini Remix)

I would like to apologize to all of you, our loyal and wonderful fan base, for having to deal with our lack of posts recently. We’ve really slacked off, but both of us have been slammed with internships and general summer debauchery. However, I am currently sitting on a beautiful beach and I am ready to dive in and share with all of you the fantastic music that has been coming out this last month and a half. So here we begin with Chloe Martini’s (one of our favorite artists as some of you may know) remix of Sia’s “Chandelier.” I particularly enjoy reviewing remixes of popular songs because they tend to completely blow them up and restructure them, especially because the original is so well known. That is exactly what Chloe Martini, the 20 year old producer out of Warsaw, Poland, has done with her brilliant remix. First, let’s start with Sia’s original. My word for this song would be: meh. I mean, it’s fine and Sia is an incredibly talented vocalist. The song starts very interestingly with a lot of dissonant minor chord constructs put over a mildly trappy beat and a nice vibrating bass. You think you might ease into the song, but then after almost 30 seconds, the whole framework that was built up is completely scrapped and embedded under this frankly messy and over-produced low treble synth and a repetitive upper register piano line that is simply the same 8 bars repeated throughout the song. The only redeeming quality is Sia’s vocal, which honestly is very very strong, full of emotion and style. So, logically, Chloe Martini basically does away with the background noise, and reconfigures the track while maintaining that amazing vocal. First and foremost, she brightens the track with a light piano (honestly, could also be a harpsichord) line. This brightness betrays the eventual introduction of the bass line, which is beautifully constructed and crunchy as hell. This track, unlike the original, has depth and knows how to draw you in and pull you out by periodically introducing the melodic elements, mainly the piano (or harpsichord, honestly it’s confusing) while juxtaposing that with the hard hitting beat and classically electronic bass. That track development and integration is why Chloe Martini is so damn talented and why we love her so much here on CasaSwoop. The only negative I can find, is the ending. I understand the “fantasy” element Chloe was going for, but the fairy-tale ending sort of detracts from the heaviness and power that defines the rest of the track. It sort of feels like an ending that isn’t in dialogue with the rest of the track. That being said, the rest of it is so good that I can overlook that small shortcoming. Please listen to both tracks below and comment with your thoughts or suggestions!

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