DARKSIDE – Gone Too Soon

This is a time of never ending nothingness; a perpetual void has become the norm. We have become numb, completely unaware towards the lack of substance in our daily lives. Instant gratification and emotions on demand, every day goes by faster than the one before it, and all we seem to care about it is how to make the next day go by even faster. My point being, when was the last time you cared enough to do something because it mattered to you? When was the last time you went out for a walk with no purpose other than the walk itself? When was the last time you talked about a movie or an episode you just finished watching, instead of moving on to the next one? Last time you read an entire op-ed article? When was the last time you read any article that wasn’t telling you 22 easy and fun ways to live your life? For fucks sake, when was the last time you spilled a bucket of cold water over yourself to wake up your body, to feel the icy drops running through your skin, the shivers, the sudden sharpness of the wind!? WAKE UP PEOPLE! Wake up because most things are simply gone too soon.

I admit it. It took me a while to wake up too, but today I caught myself silently thinking as I finished listening to DARKSIDE’S latest and last song appropriately titled (for the purpose of this post) ‘Gone Too Soon’. Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington are putting an end to their experimental/progressive electro band Darkside, their last show-taking place the 12th of September in the Brooklyn’s Masonic Hall. Indeed, gone too soon.

This piece attracted my attention because it takes its time to develop, it molds itself along the way and doesn’t give a shit about what the listener thinks. This is not instant gratification, its not pleasure on demand, and that’s the beauty of it. By the time its over you’ll have no idea of what happened or how it came to an end, and instead of moving on to the next episode, song, shallow article, or social media awareness challenge, this song forces you to stop, sit there like the idiot you truly are, think ‘what the fuck just happened’, and listen to it again. Yes, you read correctly. Listen to the same song more than once, and yes I know you’ve heard ‘Fancy’ on the radio a couple of times, but baby there’s a difference between hearing and listening.

Give a try or two. Maybe this is what you’ve been needing all this time.

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