Zella Day – Sweet Ophelia (Gold Fields Remix)

The Australian band originally from Ballarat is certainly bringing their A-Game to the Remix Musicspehere with the back-to-back release of not 1, not 2, but 3 remixes in the last couple of months hitting up big names in the electro world like Little Dragon and Goldroom. Anyhow, our focus today is on their remix of Zella Day’s single titled Sweet Ophelia, and fortunately for us, her soundcloud page has done our job for us.

The sound of strumming guitars; the feel of soft, wet clay; the scent of fresh brewed coffee: this was Zella Day’s childhood. Secluded in the quaint mountain town of Pinetop, Arizona, Zella’s creativity flourished with the forest at her doorstep.

The upcoming two-track single leads with “Sweet Ophelia,” a blending of personal encounters in an eerie resemblance to that of Hamlet’s Ophelia. Crunching drum machines and menacing electronics juxtapose Zella’s airy croons as she sings about the sanctity of physical connection, powerfully portraying both the majesty and fragility of letting love consume you.

What’s truly mazing here is Gold Fields’ ability to make a somewhat sad (and emotionally charged) song a super laid back and chilled out track. The vocal sample pairs up deliciously with the deep base line and the remix just flows smoothly all the way to its end. I especially love the lo-fi synth tune introduced near the end of the track, it’s like, super cool.

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