Gramatik- Get A Grip feat. Gibbz (DAZE Remix)

Hot damn, both of these tracks are absolutely insane. Personally, I don’t think there is a single better feeling than hearing a remix before the original, and then being completely blown away, both by the quality of the original and also the talent of the remixer to redefine the track. I can genuinely say that I don’t know which song I like more. They’re completely different and yet the changes between them make perfect sense. First, let’s start with Gramatik’s fantastic original track, that just oozes future house style. For those of you wondering, “what the fuck is future house?” You’re in luck! I have an answer. So first, play the Gramatik tracks, that’s right, go ahead and play it. So listen how right of the bat you get taken off guard because it kind of sounds like shitty dubstep from like 2009. But when you finally settle into the track, you realize that there’s actually a lot of blending going on here, just behind the scenes. What comes across at first as piecemeal electronic “edgy” rhythm lines from the synth reveals itself to actually be a well constructed percussive melody that is blended with what feels like a jazz band in the background. With a little bit of focus, the depth of the track unfolds and you hear a bluesy rhythm guitar, a smooth bass line that feels like it’s being plucked off a standing bass. All of this is then tied together by a sultry and passionate lead vocal from Gibbz. Future house is an innovative blend of using traditionally “heavy” electronic sounds to blend with dream like background blends usually through good instrument choice (i.e. electric and bass guitar). The Paris DJ, DAZE, however, puts his own special twist on the track by making it a point to smooth it out and really take it those final steps into some smooth Nu Disco territory. Right away, he decides to elongate out the preliminary synth chords and allow the vocal to stand alone a bit more. By introducing a swung 4/4 rhythm and backloading the snare to the 4th beat, the track feels a lot more “jazzy” than the original, which had a lot more going on the percussion. The best part of this remix is that it seems to understand which elements of the original needed to be highlighted to bring out something that feels completely different, and not to mention DAZE executes perfectly. I’ll be linking both tracks below, as always listen and comment with your thoughts or suggestions!

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