Porter Robinson – Lionhearted (Giraffage Remix)

It’s because of musicians like this that we joined the electro-industry. Charlie Yin is the name, GIRAFFAGE is THE name. Also, fun fact: he is not from Australia! Honestly it was about time someone from San Francisco showed up in our radar.

However, the problem with this dude is that he is fresh as fuck. So fresh that we are going to make two posts about him today, this second one being about his more recent remix of Porter Robinson’s Lionhearted. I know what you’re thinking. Just breath it’s gonna be ok. And the reason why it’s going to be ok is because our man Giraffage was there to save the day. He takes Robinson’s fist-pumpy tune and brings it back to the ring for a second and ultimately winning round.

This precise remix is hard to qualify because there isn’t really like it. Its kind of deep, it has strong house undertones, and it posses a certain jungle zest is you catch my drift. So in order to do this, we have to go through the entire thing, lets go.

The song opens with sparkle-sounding bells, glittering like stars in a dark sky, and its not any sky, we are definitely out in the wilderness, we’re in the jungle baby. Listen to the birds, the parrots, the chirping, and the mockingbirds. Shit he’s good. Then…synth-clap-synth-clap-synth-clap, bongo bongo bongo. We are no longer fucking around here, this is happening. What some have described as the ‘loose night grooves’ commonly found in Giraffage’s pieces are taking place here, and Robinson’s vocals kick in hitting a sonic sweet-spot. Everything seems in place and when you thought that the tempo had been set during this intro sequence, you get a jaw-dropping plunge into some of the most unexpected deep house ever (and we always, and I mean Always, expect some deep tunes). Well, this time the joke is on us. I specially love the liquid vocal samples he mixes into the upbeat pauses between base-kicks. This remix is clearly a win.

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