R. Kelly- Ignition Remix (Giraffage Remix)

Yes, you did read that title correctly, this is a remix of R. Kelly’s classic “Ignition Remix.” I know how this must look, what business does an early 2000’s slow jam that basically defined all of our middle school experiences have on an electronic music blog? Well… honestly, Giraffage’s remix is one of the greatest remixes I’ve heard since starting CasaSwoop with my colleague in February. Now, we all know the original. Or at least you should if you have ears and are older than 15. Why do we love the original? I really don’t know, but fuck it I do love that track and every time it plays I get irrationally excited and dance probably a bit more than I should. I’m not going to go into any analysis, because seriously what’s the point? However, the West Coast producer, Charlie Yen a.k.a Giraffage, absolutely crushed this remix. Honestly, it’s nothing like the original, but when the original is such a huge classic you sort of have the liberty to do whatever you want with the remix, and that’s exactly what Giraffage did with this one. This track is amazingly epic with towering electro synth chords that basically define the track. In the verse, the main driving force is the melody with a lot of staccato synth chords, barely any percussion and an occasional “dream pop” style bell tones in the upper register. There’s very little bass support in the verse, which I think is intentional because it sets up the chorus so fucking well. Once it gets to the chorus, the whole track just drops into these truly epic (sorry to use the same word twice, but it’s the truth) set of chords that are reminiscent of Flume’s production style with the “glossy” production that I like so much. These chords are decidedly more drawn out than the staccato chords of the verse, and that contrast provides the track with its depth. Another contrast that exists between the verse and the chorus is the percussion, in the verse it’s very minimal, but in the chorus you get a “trap-style” cymbal rhythm with an off beat snare that gives the track some bounce in the chorus. Overall, this is probably one of my favorite remixes ever and I absolutely love the creativity and complete redefinition of the original. But don’t just take my word for it, listen to both the remix and the original below and comment with thoughts or suggestions!

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