Grizfolk- Hymnals (RAC Remix)

As the days begin to morph slowly into fall, I wonder if it isn’t time for more of an unconventional original/remix duo. RAC, perhaps one of the most recognizable names in Electropop/Indietronica today, take their own spin on Grizfolk’s epic, rock-tinged “Hymnals.” Grizfolk’s tracks, this one in particular, often succeed at keeping a “big band” sound with plenty of jam inspired guitars and lots of “OH OH OH” vocals, which sounds silly but is actually how I describe it. RAC teases out these well blended electronic elements and capitalizes on them in a very unique way. Before we do that, let’s dive back into the original track by Grizfolk. The Swedish-American band pump out a great rock-electro blended track that would make the likes of Friendly Fires and Bag Raiders proud. “Hymnals” is a testament to that and it shows its cards pretty quickly. Right off the bat you’re hit with two clashing styles, on one side you have some big piano chords reminiscent of (dare I say) a Coldplay track, on the other you have a light and futuristic synth line. The rest of the track really bounces between these areas, in the verses and bridge the electronic elements seem to take more of the focus, especially when the beat breaks down like at 1:25. However, when we get to the chorus, we’re slammed with heavily strummed and textured guitar chords and an epic live drum track that feels like a coming of age rock track from the late 90s… in a good way. That blend is probably what inspired RAC to create their own spin on a great blended concept started by Grizfolk. RAC is quite familiar with Grizfolk’s work as they remixed “Struggle” a few months before this remix. The biggest initial change in the remix is the considerably slower BPM, which totally casts the vocal in an entirely different light. I didn’t talk about the vocal much in the original, mainly because I think that this remix does it more justice. By embedding it more in rhythmic synth lines, we get a really tender and almost choral interpretation of the vocal that was getting drowned out in the “big band” sound of the original. I absolutely loved the picked guitar lines that lead seamlessly into a surprisingly robust drum and bass line at around the 2:50 mark. Overall, both tracks were very well done and I hope that RAC and Grizfolk collaborate again in the future (duh). If you agree, comment down below and tell us.

CHICAGO PEOPLE: Grizfolk will be coming to the Aragon Ballroom on October 21. You should not miss this show if you liked what you heard here. Bastille will be opening for them and it’s sure to be a great show!

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