Solidisco & Fireflowerz – Unreal (LEFTI Remix)

This is one of those remixes you know its gold the second the soundwaves enter your ear and hit your brain, you just know it. The opening drum track gives an instant glitter-poppy vibe that is reinforced by the vocal sample “Oh oh you make me”, count one, two, and before you know it the whole thing hits you in the head: bass, synth, guitar. Everything comes together so fast and so smoothly in approximately 10 seconds, after which I immediately opened up my email (song still playing) and wrote to NYC based LEFTI shamelessly congratulating him asking him for interview on CasaSwoop. I mean, the guy earned it right? Because I don’t want to ruin a potential interview, Ill end this post here and keep you guys waiting for their real juicy stuff. In the meantime enjoy this sweet sweet track.

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